4 Tasty Ways Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Improve and Increase Business


Social media offers incredible marketing opportunities for just about every business – restaurants included. It’s critical that restaurants have a robust social media presence that can drive customer engagement, brand loyalty, and repeat sales.

But how can your restaurant make full use of social media platforms to do so? We’re glad you asked – we’ve put together a list of 4 great ways that restaurants can use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to their advantage. Read on, and see how a social media presence can help your restaurant grow.

Offer Engaging Content – Even If You Already Have Plenty of Followers 

Following brands on social media platforms is optional – users have a choice of whether or not, to follow your business. Unless you’re paying for ads, this is the case over just about every platform – Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram included.

Since consumers must choose to view your content, you have to offer useful, relevant, and compelling content that engages them and makes them happy with their decision to follow you. Failing to do so can lead to stagnant, boring posts, and a brand that has little-to-no social media reach.

So offer new and interesting content on your relevant social media platforms daily – pictures of your staff at work, free recipes, pictures of prepared dishes, interesting information about your specialty, style of cuisine, coupons and promotional offers, and so on.

You must engage your audience if you want to continue reaching out to more people – so make sure that what you post is fun, unique, and adds value to people’s already-crowded social media feeds. If you do, you’re sure to be able to expand your reach

Keep Your Followers Updated 

Lots of people follow their favorite restaurants on social media platforms so that they can stay in the loop – about menu changes, hour changes, upcoming events, and more. It’s important to keep all of your social media pages updated, and post about what’s new at your restaurant.

You should be posting on each and every social media platform available to you daily. Your followers will notice if you become inactive – or even worse, they’ll stop noticing you or even worse stop following you. Posting updates regularly about your restaurant allows you to stay front-and-center in the minds of the customers who follow you, and ensures that you get maximum ROI out of your social media presence.

Share Your Menu 

When people Google your company and your Facebook page comes up, the first thing they’re looking for is your menu. Having an online menu that ranks highly in SEO results is crucial for driving sales – a lot of times, viewing a menu is how customers who have never been to a particular restaurant get a feel for the dishes that are available.

Your menu should be on your website, linked to your Twitter account, easily available on Instagram, and shared on Facebook on a separate tab. Linking your menu to each and every one of your social media platforms ensures that it’s easily accessible and visible.

If a potential customer is looking for your menu and can’t find it, they may simply give up and not visit your restaurant – and that’s a potential lost sale. So put your menu front-and-center – and you’ll be able to capture a larger market share.

You should also update your menu as much as possible – if someone comes in asking for an outdated menu item, they may be unhappy if it turns out that your menu was old. Ensuring your menu is always updated is a good way to help your customer satisfaction ratings increase.

Ask for Feedback 

Customers love to tell their favorite restaurants what they could do better – so if you are curious about what your strong points and weak points are, put the word out on social media that you welcome any and all the feedback from your customers (positive or negative). Your customers will be happy to offer their input.

Think about your followers like a dedicated focus group. They’ll all have different opinions on your services, but by considering the overall trends that they might mention during a feedback session – dirty bathrooms, slow service, or anything else – you can get a great overall feel for how your restaurant is doing, and find areas of improvement on which you can focus.

Follow These Tips – Get the Most Out Of Your Social Media Platforms

These simple tips are all you need to maximize engagement with your restaurant on social media platforms, help customers connect with your business, and get an idea of the overall performance of your restaurant.

So follow these tips – create great unique content, post updates often, share your menu (and update it!) and ask for honest customer feedback – and you’re sure to maximize the advantages that social media platforms offer.