3 Tweaks to Increase Revenue for the Coming Year


Maybe you have regular clients or customers, but you’d still like to have a steadier flow of income.

You might think it’s hard to drum up more business, but don’t get discouraged . . .

Thinking too hard about it might be working against you . . .

Here are three tweaks you can use to fix this. If you choose to sidestep this, you could miss out on the opportunity to boost your revenue in the coming year.

End current appointments by booking future ones.

If you're a business coach, salon owner, health care professional or work in any other field where booking appointments is the bread and butter of your main source of revenue, booking a client's next service is vital before they head out the door.

You can have a steadier flow of appointments and maybe even better stabilize your income. Make it a routine to schedule them before they leave. Also, keep in mind that following up is key to make sure they actually show up. In our crazy busy world, it’s easy for people to completely forget. Or sometimes people might commit to something else without realizing it collides with their scheduled appointment. Send reminders to combat this.

Call or text your client a few days before the next appointment and maybe even the day of. My dentist does this. I receive a reminder in text message form and I’m asked to confirm via text. This small tweak can make a big difference in how much money you make on a regular basis. So why not give it a try?

Start offering gift cards.

If offering gift cards fits your business model, decide how you want to integrate them into your sales process to boost revenue. Gift card trends show that 93% of American consumers have either given or received a gift card annually. If you don't currently offer gift cards, think about establishing this as a future goal.

Research shows that most people spend over the amount allotted on the gift card they receive. It can be all your business needs to increase sales. You may even want to explore mobile options since other research indicates that 56% of all consumers would like to store gift cards on their phones. The number increased with younger participants as 74% of those surveyed between the ages of 18-24 preferred keeping the gift card on their phones for easier access .

Give your customers options.

Credit Card Expert and Author of The Debt Escape Plan, Beverly Harzog says "Accepting credit cards gives your customers spending flexibility.” Harzog adds that accepting a wide array of credit cards may also increase sales since spending decisions can be based on paying for the items at the end of the month instead of out of current cash flow.

The Bottom Line

A little strategic effort can go a long way when it comes to having more consistent revenue coming in. Consider using the tips above, they can help boost your bottom line.